Shelburne Town Pharmacy  - committed to care

1. Great staff, friendly, personable. Keep up the great service.
 - Shelburne resident

2. Spirit (pet) and I both thank you for your help in our medications. Due to your help he is feeling better and l a lot more active. You do an awesome job and both are so friendly .
 - Shelburne resident

3. I found the pharmacy to be very inviting with business concepts that sets this pharmacy apart from others. I have never been to a pharmacy that made you feel like you dropped in for a family visit!
 - Orangeville resident
4. Great pharmacy, pharmacist and family. Glad to see you're back! 
 - Proton station resident

5. Just keep doing what you are doing .
6. Nice to do business because it feels like you are dealing with old friends
 - Dundalk resident
7. Excellent service. Will most definitely visit this pharmacy when visiting Shelburne .
8. I and my family are very happy Sanjay and his family are back taking care of Shelburne residents again. (I would follow him everywhere he goes.)
 - Shelburne Resident
9. Sadly there is only one Sanjay this pharmacist not only supplies your meds, he follows up to ensure you are responding properly and benefitting from his prescriptions.
 - Dundalk Resident
10. The people who own this pharmacy are the best as far as I know in the country. They are always giving you good advice and they are very patient and kind, they always welcome you with a smile.
 - Amaranth Resident
11. Very prompt and courtious, customer friendly and driven.
 - Shelburne Resident
12. Sanjay and the staff at Shelburne Town Pharmacy have been such a pleasure to colaborate with. You always go to the extra mile for our family and make our often stressful situation so much easier with texting. From helpful suggestions, ordering meds, special formula, dropping off prescriptions, and offering a lolipop to our three year old. You guys are a true blessing.
 - Shelburne Resident
13. Sanjay and his team are excellent. My family would be lost without them. I have never had such an understanding pharmacist. Thank you so much Sanjay.
14. I find Shelburne Town Pharmacy to be a great place to get prescriptions. Sanjay is always vert courteous and goes above and beyond to take care of his customers. I am always greeted by my name, with a friendly smile.
15. Couldn't ask for a friendlier, more kind person for this community. We are very fortunate to have him back in town.
16. A very good experience going to this pharmacy. Sanjay and Shalini are very professional.
17. Excellent mannerism, clean store, a variety of choices, a feeling of welcome, very friendly, going out of his way for his customers, gives a good flu shot.
18. Excellent service, very helpful. I have many health problems and they always encourage me to stay healthy and in a good mood. The service is great, always makes time to talk to you about health care, or drugs.
19. Just great services, always go out of their way to do anything for us. Very nice people.
20. I love when it's time to go and get my meds. It's like visiting with my family. The service is excellent, and so friendly. Makes the job of getting meds a much nicer time. Sanjay and his family are just awesome people.
21. Shelburne Town Pharmacy goes above and beyond call of duty. They actually care about the people, and support on a personal level. They are always one step ahead of the customer to renew scripts with texts or phone calls - The best:) xo
22. Professional fast service! Great rapport with doctors, family atmosphere, Shelburne Town Pharmacy makes what used to be an uncomfortable chore, fun and easy! Thanks so much for all you do.
23. Best around! Only go to him and no one else! Keep up the good work!
24. This is the best pharmacy I've ever been to. Sanjay and his family are the nicest people. I would recommend this pharmacy to anyone.
25. Sanjay and his family are the best pharmacists out there. He and the family care so much! You are like family.
26. I am a senior citizen in our town and it is comforting for me that I have a pharmacist like Shelburne Pharmacy who will be there to advise and be aware of my needs. Thank You Sanjay!
27. Sanjay is an excellent pharmacist. He is trustworthy and knows his customers well. He shares what he has and gives personal service. Awesome with kids! Being a family man he cares for his business like we are his family. I love it here and I am happy to have crossed paths with Sanjay! He is the best!
28. You ahve always gone above and beyond for my family. We appreciate all you do for us! Never had a pharmacist we could call a friend, until now!
29. Awesome! Sanjay is one in a million!
30. Staff is knowledgeable. helpful, friendly. Always a pleasure!
31. Excellent service!
32. The service is excellent! And the pharmacist is very helpful, friendly and welcoming! A pleasure to go into the store!
33. Best pharmacy I've ever dealt with!
34. Very informative and helpful. Friendly service and prompt.
35. Very satisfied with the services.
36. Great pharmacy, pharmacist and family! Glad to see your back!

37. I find both Sanjay and Shalini very easily approached and helpful, caring and professional.
38. Friendly, go out of their way to provide good service.
39. Nice to do business because it feels like you're dealing with old friends!
40. Amazing and friendly service! I am overly satisfied!
41. Very friendly service! Always nice when someone remembers your name!
42. Always there when you need help! Thank You!
43. Very pleasent!
44. I have found this pharmacy very friendly, very very helpful, and very very professional!
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